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Features List

There are many features that makes your social network website perfect.

  • Groups
  • Photos
  • Live Chat
  • Messaging
  • Wall thread
  • Embed videos
  • Block Profile
  • Likes
  • User Profile
  • Search
  • Ads
  • Notifications
  • Poke
  • Friends
  • Smiles
  • Website Stats
  • Comments
  • Ban User
  • Videos upload
  • Users categories
  • Multiple Upload
  • Dislike
  • Birthdays
  • Multiple Colors
  • Forum
  • Facebook Login
  • Events
  • Access Code
  • Email Notifications
  • Extended Members
  • Mobile Support
  • Tablets/Pads Support
  • Post Sentiment
  • Words censorship
  • Mobile Login
  • Mobile call link
  • Site offline
  • Free Installation
  • Dedicated support
  • Free Upgrades
Latest Components

We have released new components to make your social network best.

Files Sharing

Files sharing between friends or different team member is important in community. This component allows site members to share files.Browser

Reported Contents

Allow users to report the post or comments to site administrator. Giving control to admins to manage reported contents.Browser


This is how the best social network website look likes.

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