Premium Social Network

    The Social Media Network Platform allows companies to add the private social media to the existing company intranet. It therefore gives all users the tools to communicate, share information and collaborate with the rest of the company in a way that most people are doing privately.

    Here the list of all Premium components and features included:

    Manual Installation: You have the option to install it by your self:

    If you prefer us to install it please send us the following things:

    1. Your website URL
    2. Your cpanel details.
    3. Your logo , which should have transparent background.

    If you are using VPS or your own server, please send us following details:

    1. Server IP
    2. Server SSH login details
    3. Your website URL
    4. Your logo, which should have transparent background.

    Please note that if you are using VPS or your own server, it must be running Ubuntu server 14.04 x64 or larger version of Ubuntu server, with nothing installed on it.

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    Once you unlocked you can able to download this product any time

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    Product LicenseCommercial
    Product TypeCustom
    Ossn Version4.x
    Latest Version4.4
    Last Update2 months ago