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[Custom]Premium Social Network

A complete premium social network with installer.

[Custom]Ossn Installation

Ossn installation on your domain and your hosting service.

[Custom]Ossn Server Installation

Ossn installation on your new VPS

[Custom]Ossn Upgrade

We can do the upgrade for you from Ossn v5.x to any newer version.

[Custom]Server Migration

Migration of your website from cpanel/server to any other cpanel/server

[Custom]Paid Access
  • Incl. Premium (hosted)
  • Monetize your social network! Users need to pay for the membership of your social network in order to complete the registration on your site. (If you are a premium hosted user contact us to enable component on your service.)

    [Custom]Auto Login
  • Incl. Premium
  • Incl. Premium (hosted)
  • Allows users to stay logged in after closing the browser. Users don't need to re-enter their login credentials.